Thoughts About My Artwork


Elements of Art

A line when vertical is a figure

A line when horizontal is a landscape

A line when on a diagonal recedes into space

A line when it returns to itself becomes a shape

 Lines create emotion

 Color creates space

Color creates emotion

 Value creates space

Value creates emotion

 Texture creates space

Texture creates emotion

 Art is emotion made tangible

Important Artists

Important Artists

Rembrandt and Cezanne because their work got better with age

Klee, because he makes me realize that simple ideas are the most complex and the most rewarding

Kandinsky, because his work was the first to teach me about the levels of meaning in abstraction

Twackman, because his landscapes are about how to feel about place and process

Church, because his majestic vision is his own creation

Monet, because I see his hand and eye take risks

Hofmann because he controls and frees the spirit

Heartfield and Goya because they do not look away

There are others, but I agree with Hillel

¬†“the rest is commentary”

What makes my art

Color filled landscapes that can become abstractions

Realistic images of streams,waves,and waterfalls that lift the spirt.

The human figure

The Holocaust because it  happened

Each is important to me